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in Miastko!

Professional long-term healthcare.
Competent rehabilitation. Homelike atmosphere.

Terms of acceptance

NZOD in Miastko provides 45 beds for patients, who require long-term healthcare and 10 beds for those who require psychiatric long-term care. Patients are accepted in order of submission of their applications. Applications concerning patients in severe conditions requiring immediate aid are considered individually.

Required documents:
  1. The application for accetance and the proposed date of acceptance
  2. A medical certificate stating the necessity for 24h care, nursing, rehabilitation, without the need for hospitalization
  3. Current results of basic rmedical examination
  4. Nursing history
  5. Estimation of patient abilities - Barthel scale
  6. The decision of a retirement pension authority or social assistance authority, stating the amount of income of the patient or person undertaking to incur the costs of patient‘s stay in NZOD.
  7. The consent of the patient, guardian or immediate family confirmed by a signature to cover fees for boarding and lodging applicable in NZOD.
  8. Bye-law concerning stay and fees for staying in NZOD

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